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Patterns Made For You

At Laela Jeyne Patterns, we’re all about making you feel beautiful in your clothes.

Laela Jeyne Patterns was founded in 2014, shortly after my second little girl was born. Store bought clothes really didn’t fit me well and shopping wasn’t fun anymore. I wanted my clothes to make me feel happy, comfortable, and confident! My goal for each of my patterns is to pass those same feelings onto you.

Our patterns are digitally drafted, thoroughly tested, and delivered to your inbox in a print at home or copy shop format. All patterns released in 2017 or later have been drafted and graded with professional software. Each pattern you purchase comes with lifetime updates and pattern support. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

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About Marisa

I’m a wife and mama to two beautiful little girls. I’m a closet nerd, true crime fan, and foodie. I love Jesus, I love to sing, and I love sewing. My idea of a perfect night is sitting in my PJ’s, watching the newest DVD release with my man, and eating some Red Velvet Halo Top.